(*Cute) Short Valene’s Day Poems – Romantic Poems For Happy Valenes Day


Short and Romantic Valene’s Day Poems: After Valenes Week i.e., Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day it’s time for Valene’s day. It is the day of holiday love and the best time to express your feegs and live long life happy. So to express your feegs with your loved ones pick up the Cute Valenes day short poems we have shared below you can share this Romantic short poem for valenes day with your girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, lovers or whoever may be. These valenes day poems are collected from various sources of websites just for you and our new and roue visitors. So I hope this year Valenes day is gg to be more romantic and special.
Valenes Day short poems are the best part to impress your girlfriends. In eastern and western countries the people impress their lovers, partners with the Valenes day romantic short poems and today’s generation all around the world, they wish with some lovely valenes day poems.
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Short Valene’s Day Poems
We have shared the Cute Valenes Day romantic short poems to share with your partners, sweetheart, girlfriends and with your loved ones.

Valene’s for lovers and for friends.
All my love goes out to you this day!
Love is sometg different from desire:
Even, silent, peaceful as the sky.
Nor is loveterested means or ends.
There are no selfish needs that it must weigh.
Instead, love’s plenitude itselfspires,
Neeg neither cause nor reason why.
Each day my thoughts enchanted with you lie.
Every Thought of You
Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion;
I give to you my deepest devotion.
My fondest wishes youpletely fulfill;
I love you totally, and I always will.
By Joanna Fuchs
Short Valenes Day Poems for her

I may not always tell you
What I’m feeg deepside
The emotions and the feegs
That I sometimes tend to hide

Night is falg
Night is falg my heart is calg
I feel so lonely I need you only
but I’ve got a teddy that I take to bed
if you’ll be my Valene
I’ll take youstead

My days are filled with yearg;
My nights are full of dreams.
I’m always tg of you;
I’m a trance, it seems.

You’re all I ever wanted;
I wish you could be e;
And so I have to ask you:
Will you be my Valene?

As we watch the sun go down,
I want to let you know;
my love for you is forever,
I’ll never let you go.
You’re the one I’ve been searcg for,
the one I’ve ally found;
without you my life,
my world wouldn’t go round.
The love you bgto my heart,
which is so true and d;
is sometg no other,
I could truly d.
You’re the only one for me,
God tells me so,
deep wit my heart, d body and soul.
Today isn’t just an orary Valenes Day,
it’s all about me and you;
about the love we share,
and how it will forever conue to grow.
It’s not all about the chocolates, or the dozen roses;
it’s about the love we found,
how much we’ve been blessed.
Everytg happens for a reason,
I believe this statement is true,
that’s why you were sent to me,
and I was sent to you.
I’ve never been more happy,
as I’ve been with you;
even through the rough times,
we always make it through;
To be with you for eternity,
is all I want for me and you.

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Valene’s day short poems to her
All I want to say,
on our very first Valene’s Day, is:
I may not be your first love,
but I promise, with all my heart,
that I will be that one from up above,
your one and only, true love!

Best Romantic Valene’s Day Poems
A Valene is notg like
A chocolate or a rose.
For a week these shall be gone,
But Valenes rem.
If love were always sweet to tongue
Or fragrant to the nose,
Each day would be like Valene’s,
And we would gosane.
Short Valenes Day Poems for girlfriend
A Valene just hangs around
Waig to be kissed
Long after special days have passed
And every days are here.
So one is wise to choose one well
And chocolates to resist.
For the midst of mania
It’s nice to have one near.
Romantic Valenes Day Poems for girlfriend
Funny Valenes Day Poems
How do I be to tell you
how lucky I am to have you my life?
I’ll start by sag what a gift you gave me
the day you became my wife.

You’re my best friend the good times
and my rock times of sorrow.
You’re the reason for sweet yesterdays
and my promise for tomorrow.

I never thought I could feel this loved
until you became my wife.
You made this year and every year
the best one of my life.
Short Romantic Valenes day poem for Husband

Why do I love you? I can’t tk of why,
Unless it’s the sweet way that you make me sigh
With pleasure and rapture, emotion and bliss,
Each time that you hold me to give me a kiss.
Why do I love you? You’ve brought contentment and peace.
Each hour that I’m with you bgs total release
From the cares of the day and the stresses of lig.
You do that with cag and log and gig.
Why do I love you? Reasons abound;
I know for a sure tg that I love the sound
Of your voice and your laugh, and I love your dear face,
And I know no one else could take your place.
Why do I love you? Did I mention your eyes?
The way that they smolder and hypnotize?
Your touch–what delicious sensations when we’re…
Well…I’m crazy about you, I guess that’s very clear.
May I be your sweetheart? And will you be e?
Please say I can be your Valene!

Be My Valene Poem for Girlfriend

Intoxicag Valene
My Valene, you’re all I want;
In you, I d joy and delight;
You give me everytg I need;
I’m happiest when you’re sight.
I tk of you both night and day;
I’m drawn to you pure attraction;
When you’re not here, I ache for you,
For your fulfilg satisfaction.
I dreamed of love like this, and yet,
I never thought that I would capture
The deep, excig thrills we have,
Thistoxicag bliss and rapture.
Please be my Valene, and more;
Be my life, my world, my all;
Together we can be content,
And share life’s pleasures, big and small.

As I look at my life with my wonderful wife,
I know that I truly am blessed.
I love her so much; love fills up my life,
Mag our home a love nest.
So every day is happy for me;
She fills me with joy and delight.
My wife is as sweet as a wife can me;
She makes even dreary days bright.
So I thank the good Lord on this Valene’s Day
For blesg me this special way.
You’re the most wondrous of creatures;
You fill up my heart;
I wish I could tell you,
But how do I start?
From the top of your head
To the tip of each toe,
You’re adored with a passion
That just seems to grow.
What is more, there’s your d
That’s as sharp as can be,
And I hope that it’s tg
The same about me.
By Joanna Fuchs

Everlasg Valenes day Poem to impress
On Valene’s Day, I pray for you
that our love for each other
will be as deep and boundless
as the love shown to us
by our Savior, Jesus Christ.
I pray that our log bond
will be as unbreakable and everlasg
as the Lord’s love for us.
I pray that each Valene’s Day
will red us to be as
selfless and gig with each other
as our Lord was for us.
By Joanna Fuchs

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Valenes day Romantic Short poems
I’ll always be the one who looks at you,
And sees you a fond and log light;
I’ll always know that you’re the one for me,
Because when we’re together, life is right.You’ll always be my love–my hero, too,
The person I can count on constantly.
You satisfy me like no other could;
I’m ecstatic that it’s you who makes us “We.”I’m always thankful for the day we met;
I love you, and I’m happy you are e.
I’ll always feel this joy, this bliss, this peace,
If you’ll be my love forever, Valene.By Joanna Fuchs

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